How to enhance the value of gifts

   , how to improve the product value

    improvement of commodity values can reduce the price disputes, readiness to strengthen customer purchase, so value the higher the greater the chances of a deal, regardless of any prior to the sale of goods must therefore stand on the customer's position to "altruism" to think in the direction of:

    value of 1, what is to be provided to the customer?

    2, what value can attract customers?

    3, what value can cause differences between similar goods?

    4, what value can be used as a key competitive advantage?

    in addition to these values, you also create advantages and creating value, because you have this product is unique and irreplaceable commodity in the world. Now that you have is unique, so the next step is whether you can offer you exceptional value after.

    (1) whether the quality of service you have provided no alternative? (Efficiency, satisfaction, commitment ... ... )

    (2), provided you feel is irreplaceable? (Enthusiastic, energetic, sincere and confident ... ... )

    (3), provided by you the customer first attitude is no substitute? (Call, complaining ... ... )

    (4) you have provided no alternative to take care of the customer's attitude? (Including on the life and career),

    (5), provided you adhere to the irreplaceable? (Stick portion provided by above)

    higher commodity value must be the result of careful management, than in the service sector prices, daily specials are the market's initial approach, this approach not only is not a best practice, or hurt their own practice. Continuous progress of the market today, we need to fight for their reasonable price with value and profits.

    II, with a sense of balance on the customer's price objection

    every one of your customers wants value for money, price is a natural phenomenon. But blindly to bargain only will let customer of loyalty degrees established in price Shang, once others of price than you low, customer immediately transfer cooperation of object, and on customer,, even you has bargain killed have loss has, customer still hope can to more low of price purchase, because as long as you nodded promised he of price, customer on will finds you has money has, even think price can more low.

    price objection two: one is the capacity to pay, the other is a willingness to pay. If it's the latter, then you only need to strengthen in value can; but if it is the former, you continue to enhance value may be counterproductive. So when objections must figure out where the hell is the crux of the issue, do not waste time to do those dirty things.

    how to find the capacity to pay of the problem? Experienced sales staff are available from the customer's language, eye contact and body language that the crux of the problem, but if you are a salesperson who has comparatively little experience in, then politely asked directly is the best way, don't make your own guesses. If a payment problem, as long as you can provide a first-class payment can progress to the stage of a deal.

    three, and packaging good value zhihou again on price

    Dang customer on commodity produced interest of when, he must will soon to asked price, but do don't urgent with answered price, must to first will you of value packaging finished zhihou again for price of discussion, then began strengthened customer can get of interests, and benefits, and convenient sex,, constantly to strengthened its purchase of wishes.

    If you want to do a product comparison, please make a detailed analysis, with the same quality and take advantage of the prices compare their advantages and uniqueness, but never in goods as a means to disrupt and attack others. Could attempt to exploit the term prices to the cost of one day or one month terms, for example: 1000 Yuan in 10 years, only 100 Yuan a year, only 9 Yuan a month, but you can enjoy the ... ... Products can also be used, and can also take advantage of the increase in the number of continuing cost reduction. This value again and after a detailed analysis of the customer on the price of goods turnover rate will improve.


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