Introduction to Chinese Red porcelain

    Chinese Red porcelain bearing the lucky, noble, pursuit of the treasure of the Royal family since ancient times. Today, Chinese Red porcelain red porcelain skills used in everyday utensils, bring the Red porcelain of ancient Royal only enjoy into our modern lives. Red porcelain of every product, from design to development, by careful selection of professional designers, design, and craft created by combining different ideas. Both appearance and content, are able to see the creative ideas of designers, so the product has a very high artistic value and aesthetic value. Not only that, but more importantly, it once again proved to the world, the Chinese nation has a long history, splendid culture and then international leadership is unshakable. Now, China Red indoor master artist James to play, became a national collectors pursue baby.

    most people think, with blue and white Chinese porcelain is famous for its various colors, red shades of porcelain are rare. In fact, the Red porcelain, China has a long history. Red China history can be divided into middle and late Tang dynasty was founded, sodium sulfate and maturity, the heyday of the Ming and Qing Dynasties period, several characteristics such as phase of the contemporary revival.

    red porcelain began in the late Tang dynasty, but from the perspective of technology, red porcelain the technical maturity of the Yuan dynasty. Development and innovation since the nooks of Jingdezhen in Yuan dynasty underglaze red technology started mass production of glazes in reds history.

    the Ming and Qing dynasties is the acme of Red porcelain development. Ming dynasty underglaze red is first in the history of Acme, light copper red color, red Halo designs to flowers, more flat Chrysanthemum pattern is a great time. Ming dynasty xuande was another peak in the development of underglaze red porcelain, red porcelain of the period of innovation into underglaze red and underglaze red type.

    to the Qing Emperor Kangxi, red porcelain manufacturing process into focus, bright gaudy red tones of finished products, there are different levels of shading, variety is also more diverse, glazed in red and underglaze red glaze, underglaze red add color, tri-color, and so on. Yongzheng business red porcelain reached its peak in the process, its red porcelain finished red, especially the underglaze red color early on, design is not new, blue-and-white color shades are not only very bright, and with Halo. There is still no real red porcelain. Until almost 50 years after the founding of new China, the tireless efforts of scientists to develop a true red porcelain, this porcelain China Red porcelains.

    in 1998, Chinese scientists have overcome red glaze for ceramics are not resistant to high temperature problem in the world, burns out bright, pure red porcelain, lost nearly a century of Chinese porcelain in the late 20th century rebirth. This technology enables Chinese and foreign ceramics artists Centennial red dream, filling the gaps in the history of world ceramics.

    Chinese Red fire is very difficult and complex process, usually four times into the furnace: the burning of second glaze firing; the third is stewed; four gold fever. Each link is not bias. Typically, China Red porcelains in the firing pieces to produce a finished product, large finished product pass rate lower, the so-called "nine out of ten kiln". Demanding manufacturing processes with a very low yield, highlighting China Red porcelains scarcity and preciousness.

    red porcelain forms difficult. Copper red in the 800 c to decompose at 1450 ° c high temperature into Chinese Red porcelain, hard hard.

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    red glaze is formed by the metal tantalum firing now, tantalum is more expensive than gold, precious metals, and gold pattern is on the Red porcelain with purity over 99% and baked into pure gold, red porcelain, China can be said to be firing in gold. China Red porcelains from the material reflects the noble art of taste and contains realistic values.

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    ceramics with firing temperatures usually divide their advantages and disadvantages: low-temperature ceramic, Wen Jingtao, high temperature porcelain, porcelain, high temperature light fine white porcelain, jade ware.

    red porcelain firing at high temperature of 1450 degrees in China, jade creamy, enough precious.

    the simple, elegant, delicate juicy, thin as paper, such as chime strokes are true. Since its birth of day up, red porcelain to its "thin as paper, and through as mirror, and sound as chime, and white as jade", porcelain quality delicate permeability, device shaped beautiful elegant, color surface moist light, spent surface colorful of features, achievements has it white of texture and luxury of styling, and has using and art of double value, is collection and gift friends of treasures.


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