Maintenance of the Ribbon


    here, I called a Ribbon of maintenance, as well as weaving, embroidery and some points for attention!!!

    1.    needling method of beginners in the embroidery process to avoid error (at the end of the back straight distance too far), otherwise the Ribbon will not enough and too wasteful, that cannot be completed embroidery.

    when 2.    embroidery, note the heads and tails of the Ribbon (gloss front matte for the opposite side), under normal circumstances is facing up, unless its designer wants to slightly rough matte effect, otherwise reflected not the gorgeous Ribbon embroidery!

    3.    not be speed, stitch moves too fast or too hard, especially after the penetrating into the base fabric, tighten the Ribbon forming, avoid leaf deformation and wrinkled.

    4.    Ribbon tie in back light with a lighter after burning (note the special cloth and carefully), note the knot as small as possible, large knot may affect the frame effect.

    cloth wrinkled phenomenon in a 5.    after washing. At the time of mounting, as long as the glue at the back, flattened, or iron wrinkled clothing at the end of iron, being careful to be careful to avoid the Ribbon.

    6.    pillow cleaning attention

    washing cushions jacket removed, turn to wash inside out;

    to avoid a long soak and scrub, wash in cold water;

    Please use a soft detergent or detergent, do not use bleach;

    not directly pressed with an iron pattern part

    cushion cores do not wash, Sun direct sunlight, tap restore the original expansion.

    Tip: colored fabric fading due to improper cleaning can affect its appearance. Should pay attention to washing method: not in hot water, SOAP and alkali prolonged immersion in water, do not use the washboard, or brush to scrub brush, washing can put some salt in water, then rinse with clean water, but also to prevent clothing, good way to fade!


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