Mid-Autumn Festival gifts to selected

    with the Festival's footsteps approaching, there are all kinds of high-grade tobacco and alcohol, cakes, gift bag full of prices ranging from 300 yuan to thousands, most of these gifts were sent to relatives or clients. The Mid-Autumn Festival to send gifts to their employees, benefits gifts how to choose?

    benefits gifts, is both an incentive and recognition for employees, or an enterprise culture and management of employee relations embodied. Mid-Autumn Festival reunion holiday, as one of the most cultural festival in China, is the best time for payment of benefits to employees gifts. And then when you purchase benefits gifts, enterprises must from the availability of the products, product quality, culture highlights, gift of commemorative value, cost and other factors to consider. Only such a gift, can we truly achieve the Mid-Autumn Festival gift benefits gifts of value.

    1, focusing on the practicality of the gift

    over the years, practical gift mainstream gift is corporate welfare, welfare gift is, after all, take into account the General needs of all employees. For example, some companies give employees each prepare a high-grade stainless steel vacuum flask, this is because through the investigation, every employee the uneven quality of water glasses on the desk, and a high-grade stainless steel vacuum flask can no doubt make every employee a fundamental safeguard of healthy drinking water.

    2, brand quality excellent

    employee benefits gifts no longer limit to the product itself, as well as to enhance the brand value. Brand is a guarantee of quality, taste, and is a status symbol ... ... So, when welfare gift brand when loud enough, excellent quality, to highlight the company grade, is also an affirmation of staff grade. As a well-known thermos pot insulation is far better than a box of little-known moon to capture people's hearts.

    3, and highlights enterprise of culture

    procurement Festival gift welfare gift Shi, best can will deep of enterprise culture or enterprise spirit into which, as through gift Cup custom, in stainless steel Cup or mug Shang printing Shang enterprise of vision slogan, let employees family or friends before with this cup water Shi, are can for company sent of welfare gift Cup and prepared explicit proud.

    4, gifts have sentimental value

    payments gifts, especially at a time when gifts, companies have tried to do in the gift articles, as in purple gift mug printed on the gifts issued what's the holiday time, so that employees can later recall or nostalgic for the corporate welfare gifts when you use scenarios.

    5, good cost control

    the number of enterprises will be growing as time goes by, and benefits gifts is an emotional investment, so the purchase benefits gifts to control costs because welfare gifts for each year is only going to get higher, you need to find the right priced gift is particularly important. So far, 200-300 yuan per capita standard is issued as a gift in kind many companies can afford, for small series of strongly recommended that enterprises can select extra virgin olive oil, olive oil prices in this price range.

   , of course, at the time of purchase benefits gifts, in addition to following the above conditions, for different enterprises in procurement benefits gifts also need to vary depending on the business.

    AAU Mid-Autumn Festival gifts such as units, openness, transparency and additional subsidies can, or purchase some of the value of high tableware, tea set, featured articles for daily use, such as gifts, used will meet civil service groups, and units are ideal for government welfare as a gift.

    and State-owned enterprises through mid-Autumn Festival gift gift activities mainly concern for employees, simulating their professionalism as well as the feelings of love, and build solidarity and cohesion, establishing the harmonious business environment.

   , State-owned enterprises in favor of deep sentimental value, and is consistent with the corporate culture corporate benefits gifts. Such as specific ceramic mug, mug, insulated jugs, etc. Of foreign team members age younger has given vitality and creativity, in order to best meet the employees ' needs, high foreign companies more interested in upscale gifts, sports water bottles and other gifts. Private-sector advocate and pragmatic, pay more attention to product cost and practicality, home life gift is their first choice. Some beautiful tea set, coffee, will let employees or their dependants benefits gifts of eyes lit up.

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