Wine knowledge and another function

   , the main wine grape varieties

    has a long cultivation of grapes are, also many varieties, can be divided into two big categories of wine grapes and table grapes. According to geographical distribution and ecological characteristics, can be divided into Eurasian species, populations in East Asia and North American populations of the three species. The intrinsic characteristics of each grape and wine quality has a decisive significance. Can say any grape wine, but not any grape can make good wine.

    here are suitable for the brewing of red wine varieties:

    (a) Cabernet Sauvignon is the European subspecies native to France in 1892 by the introduction of Yantai City, Shandong province in Western Europe. Made from red wine, Ruby Red, alcohols, and coordination, rich wine, the typical aromas of grass, green peppers, long aftertaste, is internationally important for brewing one of the rare species of dry red wine.

    (b) gernischt is Vitis vinifera, native France in 1892 by the Western European introduction of Yantai City, Shandong province, Hebei Changli and other places have grown in recent years. Is the sister of Cabernet Sauvignon, dry red wine brewed aroma, sturdy wine, plump, full of energy.

    (c) other varieties. Camry, Syrah, Merlot, blue French and Carignan grape variety is also suitable for making red wine.

    the following is suitable for dry white wines made from varieties:

    (a) the Italian Riesling. Also known as slim, Vitis, native France South in 1892 by the introduction of Yantai City, Shandong province in Western Europe, is currently in the old course of the Yellow River in Shandong peninsula and the area more. Creating wine buff, fruity, wine mellow, lingering aftertaste, is one of the rare species of dry white wine brewing.

    (b) Chardonnay. Also known as Sally Robert Downey Jr, Vitis, native to France in 1980 by France to introduce, at present, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Shaanxi and Xinjiang have cultivated. Creating wine buff, fruity, soft and delightful, is the production of rare aged dry white wine varieties.

    (c) other varieties. Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc is made from the famous dry white wine varieties.

    second, the wine classification

    (a) wine-color

    1, red wine. With red meat and white or flesh is the fermentation of grape skin and red, wine containing coloured substances in the skin or the pulp, making it consists mainly of red wine.

    2, white wine. White Leather white meats or fermentation of white grape skin and red skin, the color of this wine in yellow tones.

    3, rosé wines. With colored grapes fermented by partial leaching of nonferrous materials, and its color between red wine and white wine.

    (b) divided by the sugar content of the wine

    1, dry wines. Due to differences in color and are dry red wines and dry rosé wine, dry white wine. Dry wine is the amount of sugar (glucose meters, the same below) less than or equal to 4.0g/L wine.

    2, medium dry wine. Due to differences in color, is made up of semi-dry red wine, half dry and half dry white wines and rosé wines. 4.1~12.0g/L in sugar and half dry wine is the wine.

    3, half-sweet wines. Due to differences in color, is made up of semi sweet red wine, semi-sweet white and semisweet pink wine. 12.1~50.0g/L in sugar and semisweet wine refers to wine.

    4, sweet wine. Due to differences in color, is made up of sweet red wine and sweet pink wine, sweet white wine. Semi-sweet wines are wines which sugar is greater than the 50.1g/L.

    third, buy

    with the improvement of people's living standards, demand for consumer goods tend to be healthy and natural. Patency is the world of wine wine, more nutritional value and health benefits, it is culture, art, nutrition, fashion, all in one, in the range of alcohol drinks, has become the focus of the consumer. Wine selling some unscrupulous manufacturers producing fake and shoddy products, they use consumers ' lack of knowledge about wine, the "three a water" (alcohol, flavors, sweeteners and water), or synthetic chemical substances (such as artificial pigments, thickeners, etc) blending the so-called wine, harm consumers. Consumers generally are not correctly tasting wine, this blending of the so-called wine only from the physical and chemical parameters and more difficult to distinguish, so consumer best buy well-known enterprise products


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