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Customized gifts
Customized gifts

    a gift, product model customized processes:

    (a) product model customized gift instructions

    1, will need to model the product photo to sales department

    2, negotiate sales and customer communication model, size, the number of production materials, is expected to use the date, price

    3, as a result of the sales department fill in design order, transferred photos to the design Department of design orders and products

    4, draws the model design in accordance with product photos and model size chart

    5, Sales Department models are sent to the client to confirm

    6, confirmed by the Ministry of production the actual production of the model time feedback to the Sales Department, Sales Department and then conveyed to the customer

    7, go through the model of payment

    8, after the completion of confirm the shipping address, shipping method

    (b) product model customized flow diagram

    b, gift-buying business process:

    1, determine the gift which uses, for example: business meeting gifts, wedding gifts, Gifts birthday gifts, employee benefits, and so on

    range 2, the number of gifts

    3, the price range of gift

    gift 4, if you want to paste the firms own trademark

    5, gifts delivery

&Nbsp;   6, gift shipping address

    7, handle remittance

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