Gift of knowledge

Business gift why not obsolete

   , gift-size suitable

    generally speaking, the present is too light, little significance, it is misleading to look down on him, especially the relationship is not intimate person, even more so, and if too light and want to find someone else to do the difficult possibility of success is almost zero. However, the present is too expensive, will accept the gift of people suspected of taking bribes, especially the superiors and colleagues should pay even more attention. Except for a freeloader and brave King who, most people would probably decline, or even accept, will also pay, or will try to return in the future, is this not forced family consumption? If rejected, your money has been spent, with a useless, it will give birth to a lot of trouble, like ordinary people often say: "spend money to find sin", why bother it. Therefore, the present level of choice with each other can be pleased to accept for scale and strive to spend less, do more; pay more good things.

    er, gift-time interval for

    interval is also very particular about the gifts, fan or interval is too long, too often are not suitable. Giver may be well-off, or ask for help, and are often big bags home to, as some generous, will be able to win the goodwill of others, come to think of it, it's not. Because you have this frequency gift purpose was too strong. In addition, in return, they must be huanqing from you. In General, to select the important Festival, celebration, birthday gifts, gifts are not intruding virtual sets, shower got comfortable on the other.

    c, understand custom taboos

    should know before giving the donor's identity, hobbies, people habits, lest a gift out of the trouble. Someone to the hospital to see patients, bringing a bag of Apple as a sign of sympathy, which leads to trouble, just by chance, the patient is from Shanghai, Shanghai is called "Apple" and "died" two words sound the same. Send to Apple is not to curse people died, because the giver does not understand the situation, and Huff. In view of this, when gifts must be considered, so as to avoid complications. For example, do not give clocks because "clock" and "the end" harmonics, makes people feel unlucky; the high culture of intellectuals sent you a crappy picture of calligraphy on very boring; send a pig to Islam's image for decorative design gift might make out.

    four, gifts to be meaningful

    gift is the carrier of emotions. Unique token of any gift giver, or reward, or ask for help, or contact the feelings, and so on. So, the gift you choose must match your mind and make recipients feel the unusual gift, more precious. In fact, the best gifts should be according to their tastes and choices, meaningful and thought-provoking, quality is of a retired nature's gifts. Therefore, when choosing a present to consider it ideological, artistic, fun, Memorial, and many other factors, to unique and unconventional.

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