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Gift tips

    gift is very particular about, is a very practical subject. If you do not learn this knowledge, interpersonal communication can't be done well. The ancients said: "the wearers of clothes and people." Means in other words someone else's clothes. Arms would loaded on another's mind or hidden. Now says, is to accept the others sent gifts, thinking of others, excellent solutions. Since ancient times, gift and a sense of communication just go hand in hand. If good gift to send, they can get well; send well, communication problems can arise. So, in order to facilitate relations. Must learn to "communicate", and the gift is to be paid out of the own. To say reluctant may not be true, but in order to get things done well, is often forced to do it. Since the "." For, well, that gift to send in place, successful business.

    to whom to send the problem

    the problem on the surface would not be a problem, and in fact it is a big problem. In everyday life, a few people the wrong gift object. We deliver gifts, things not to do-because they are not characters playing a key role. So even if

    was sent. It is futile.

    gifts to give to key people, cannot afford to send 31 and gave Dick, Harry receives a little segmentation result gifts are scattered. Weight is very light, it doesn't function. Also, if you object to send more. Inevitably the broth, all leaks.

    things to do harm and no good. So. Before the gift, be sure to weigh the good "day. The power of. Questioning all who need to do something to himself, plays a leading role. Who is a key figure-do, who gave the gift. Gifts to the point, to do

    things are solved. In contrast, if you gave gifts to minor characters. Will not receive their desired results.

    when send and where to send questions

    sending gifts to pay attention to time, pay attention, pay attention, so that person can accept. Lots of people give gifts in the evening to the House. In fact, this may not be the best choice. Because at night time. Other party may not be at home. Sent a gift but not seen "live". Not

    with some regret. Or the other at home. But there is another outsider the evening camp. Went in with a present it would be embarrassing. So the best time is no stranger to trouble and promised to find people at home, easy to meet and talk. In addition, some gifts can also be delivered in the Office.

    cultural goods. Can send gifts, of course, there are some other occasions, such as when invited to dine at the hotel, you can send gifts to each other back on the spot. Therefore, the gift is you can play it by ear.

    is sending the question of how much

    sent sent to people mainly defined according to three aspects: the

    (1), depending on the component you want to do something light and the amount of benefit is determined to give each other gifts. Larger things. For their stakes close, it should send more; if it doesn't turn off. Can send a smaller number.

    (2) according to each other hard and hard commitments and risk to determine the size of your present weight. If things are difficult. Your exposure into each other, then to send a gift should include. It can be less.

    (3) according to level of social hate cases determine the present value of the gift. In more than 10 years ago, for example, sent more than 10 Yuan to buy alcohol and tobacco are very valuable gifts. Now I'm afraid are far from making that levels were comparable. In General, the fewer gifts to send, and the average

    consumption level.

    in short, the severity and how much is just right, it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the Act. And savings. Not worth the candle.

    what is the problem

    identifies problems for someone, then consider giving gifts is nothing. Here the so-called "good, not like as the standard, but their preferences as the standard. Therefore, prior to sending gifts according to their preference analysis of everyday life and like new gifts. For instance, some practical; some spirit and some very elegant, ancient blue. Interested in letters, the code box; straightforward. What other hobbies, what will give him. You know, just send like gift to each other, to make them excited and emotional. Each other as long as the action of the heart and love. Would take out the energy to work for you.

    what is problem

    gifts always said there's a reason why we go up in space, like the other special events such as birthday or child education, is giving the best time, because "he named two being blindly, without looking for gifts on the header. Therefore, water dish, naturally, who in addition to gratitude. There will not be much scruple. But there are times when people give gifts simply to facilitate relations, "buy now and sell" flavor, then sent them in the past how shall I say it? Can not say: "would like to ask you to do things today, so before you send to your benefit. And then, the other party does not accept the gift. What to do? This according to a let the other person feel at ease to accept gifts of speech. In General. In order to send gifts to others. People always have to refuse it or reject it. How na polite to welcome others refused to go back. Is whether recipients are comfortable State of main method.

    gift tips. May be vital. Master this knowledge will contribute to the implementation of their communication goals, and the synergy effect

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