Gift of knowledge

Market competition should be creative

    present commercial competition, winning the attention, also won in creative. The creative economy, as its name implies, is creative can also create economic value, but also, due to sharp market competition intensified, creative is to a large extent determines the success or failure. What does it say that? We think, in order to get attention, first of all do not still have creative. Eye-catching creative, popularity deal is only the beginning of may, especially in view of the current number of B2C business, creativity is the basis of their existence.

    with the development of the Internet community, creative, jokes, videos, ads, photos by the mass gathering, sharing, and dissemination of, everyone began to enjoy the fun of creativity to them yourself from time to time in the wisdom of men inspired by the many, eager to begin to think of creative. Creative has been integrated into the lives of many people, likes to soak in the social network of young people are always creative, always innovative!

    reciprocity as a way of communication, since ancient times, "Eli Lilly to the non-free gentleman". A gift, in China, in fact, is to favor with. Send, send is human, must in future also, as is or what and how; also, one is to acknowledge, is also human, parental love, love do not leave feeling, is the need to give back. Although the functional significance of gifts for thousands of years has not changed much, but gift-giving way, hand-me-down under the influence of the trend of the times, great changes have taken place. The era of creative economy, of course, gift more creatively.

    the creative gifts here, will certainly not be the brain, we are talking about is a gift from nature to the whole process of gift giving, are full of creative blood thing.

    the development of network technology, makes it the convenience of online shopping, many gift shops have appeared, but my opinion, most of the online gift shop, still using the Internet to buy special advantages and distinguish entity gift shop, there is nothing special, and very messy.

    one day last year, I received gifts from a friend shopping, opened it, "a big piece of garbage"! Now I jump, could it offend anyone, opened it, was a delicious ice-cream Cup, is very surprising. I followed after labels found music shop website, only realize this gift-giving has also moved in creative ways. Later I have been concerned about the music shop, when they went out of the "Le Pu Li guess" special gifts of services, trying to mother a, mothers received very satisfactory, and very practical. I knew at that time send out is one of the keys to find, for memory decline for mothers, natural is a baby present tone for young people, it is "artifact".

    later, I discovered the country and many mimic the music shop gift shop, but they generally lack a single clear position. Why do people go to the store to buy something, this is a very important issue. Le Pu is defined as "creative gift shop" clarifies the route customers to buy something: the gift (a problem)-what people, what (puzzle)-to find the music shop (solve the problem).

    It is clear that creative gift market is only just starting, but things on the Internet, as we all know, is difficult to predict how fast it can grow. Naturally I hope that more similar for domestic shop shop or catch up with creative shop, so we gave them his gift-giving problems to solve, and then both sides can be satisfied with the results. I think that day has certainly not too far!

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