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Portion of Crystal and glass is not

    a, in the history there is a clear distinction between

    have similar records on the Diamond Sutra. In all of China's Buddhist scriptures, the first five of the seven treasures of Buddhism classes are recognized, namely, gold, silver, lapis lazuli, * a * mollusk agate, the latter two categories are said to be crystal, there is said to be amber, glass, and so on, this shows that glass is recognized as the Buddhist treasure; glass and Crystal and glass are quite different.

    b, the chemical composition of the different

    of natural Crystal, glass, glass is silica, the main ingredient

    contemporary national authoritative monograph of Chinese ancient glass research reads: ancient Egypt "Fei Angsi" (that is, the ancestor of the Western glass) percentage of silica 92% (opaque)-99 %, The Chou dynasty, China glaze, silica ratio is only slightly larger than 90% (permeability). 9% biggest difference is the difference between glass and crystal.

    c, and ingredients details

    ancient of glass is with glass stone joined glass mother fired and into of, glass stone is a colored crystal material, of main ingredients should to silica mainly, glass mother is is a mining since natural and by artificial refining Hou of ancient method formula, can change crystal of structure and physical characteristics, in styling, and color and permeability degrees Shang has obviously of different.

    Ming dynasty medicine jade should be glaze recipe has some different, so less medicine in Ming dynasty jade color changes, nor transparent.

    glass level actually depends on the glass raw materials and preparation methods, since ancient times, this is not the mystery, because glass being that makes Chinese ancient glass and Crystal and crystal glass in the West, "Fei Angsi" components in the different 9%.

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