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Tea sculptures collection significance

    1. Green natural

   , "an Oxfam" featured fine old trees in Yunnan big-leaf carved art tea Pu-Erh tea as raw material. Production process does not add any additives, preservatives, adhesives and other added ingredients, preserved the original composition, aromatic, the older the better, greener.

    2. ornamental

    "Oxfam" tea art carving design absorbs the essence of China 5,000 years of culture, its shape with great elegance, taste, and the history of

    3. collection

    high tea collection ever. "Gold has a price of tea is priceless," can not only preserve, but gains a lot of money. Current prices of Pu-Erh tea is ten years 10 times, save annual value of tea at 25.9 ℅.

    4. drinking

    "Oxfam" art carved selection of high quality tea leaves drying green tea refined form, color red, yellow, bright, pure aroma, delicious and rich, with sweet features.

    5. gift

    the Chinese nation has always been a "courtesy of the State." "Gift to send to health" is a taste of modern life. "Oxfam" art carved drinking the tea refreshing, helps digestion, dispel fatigue, refreshing hangover. Long-term consumption, lowering blood pressure, calm nerves, weight loss and other health effects.

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