Gift of knowledge

The reason Chinese like to gift giving

    gifts has its origins in ancient ritual activities. Out of reverence for God and piety, we tend to give the best to the gods in order to have God's blessing. Therefore, the original is sent of God. But here is a bit messy, and gods gifts, and laity is it not? What is air? Obviously, God makes no difference to people, or God is man made up.

    may be due to the gift of God there is not much the effectiveness of one of God's gifts just to gaze even sneeze without it. People think there is not much meaning, and in front of God just put some cheap gifts such as fruit, and helpful to yourself something nice for people. Chinese pay attention to pragmatism, even the worship of a utilitarian nature, purpose of the deities. Westerners are confession before God, in order to achieve peace of mind.

   , goal of gifts from God to man.

    starting from Confucius, "ceremony" is an important part of Confucianism, and the gift is "Rite" the essence of Confucian scholars ' painstaking research of Confucianism of West Han dynasty "ceremony", developed a gift of the highest standard: reciprocity.

    Dai Sheng of the rites on the Qu ceremony said: reciprocity, to not to reciprocate, and not to reciprocate.

    in fact, Confucius has played a wonderful gift. Recorded in the Analects: spring and Autumn period, Confucius and the politics of domestic discord. Yang goods to see Confucius, Confucius avoid seeing, Yang goods had an idea, sent in his send a roast suckling pig to him about not being here. Yang goods know Confucius ' favorite roast suckling pig, and advocating reciprocity. Confucius in a dilemma over their greedy pig, does not want to see Yang goods. He also had a brilliant idea, and received the suckling pig, sent while eyeing Yang goods to return. But Yang goods known, will be stuck on the road put a Confucius.

    descendants gift down. You sent me a roast suckling pig, I'll send you a roasted whole lamb; you gave me a box of brandy, I will give you a case of whiskey. If you gave me a "hongtashan", I return the "greater China", you might want to toss a night: whether to buy a box of "greater China" smoke tomorrow?

    reciprocity is about balance and reciprocity. Alice Moon, the son of John sent 500 Yuan, Tom must remember, when John Doe married daughter also sent 500, or adjusted for price changes. If there are seven sister and eight got a little book of Chronicles, missing one of indecent assault.

    If this gift is the reciprocity is just, what is the embodiment of a kind of ritual. Today's gift is a reciprocate: to not, and did not look. Send not etiquette, but an end; collected nor the etiquette, but an Exchange

    wants to get promoted to gifts; small gifts to the officer students for teacher gifts merchants will give officials; patients give doctors gifts party to give judges a gift. Gifts to go to school, find work or to gifts; a soldier to gifts, demobilized and also gifts; the doctor giving operation, and also gift; when the steward to gifts, when County executive gifts.

    such gifts are not afraid of anyone, afraid to send away; send too much, sending less unflattering. Essentially bribes, so in a subtle manner. If you are carrying a box of gifts in the Secretary's door loudly shouted, there must be no good fruit to eat.

    a short story: a chain smoker in the community "premium alcoholic drinks Recycle Shop" buy two packs of "Yuxi", feels right when the cigarette, cigarette volumes in a two hundred dollar bills. He might as well go back and the remaining eight packages of buying a carton of cigarettes in each packet is money, and made a fortune.

    constantly updated giving bribes now, one after another.

    Chinese like to gift giving is more confident, we had to. Imagine if lying on the operating table, did not give doctors gifts, or gifts is not much, is certainly uneasy; Similarly, if several persons vying for a position, under the same conditions depends on the leadership of a mouth, not gifts, and how to win?

    is not no rules, if done by the, no one likes to send kind of ceremony. When no rules when gift-giving can increase their confidence when rules can be modified when the gift you can have change for the rules in their favor. Even reciprocity-gift is also a last resort, known as the "debt of gratitude", has become a debt burden.

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