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Useful household gifts---kitchen appliances

    in China's labor costs continue to rise, how to attract, develop, integrate, and retain talent, is the corporate face of a great task. Many enterprises through the welfare gifts activities to show concern for employees, simulating their professionalism as well as the feelings of love, and build solidarity and cohesion, establishing the harmonious business environment. Many companies have the custom of gift giving and welfare every year, mostly practical household gifts, excellent quality, healthy and practical kitchen utensils are very popular.

    kitchen gift market in recent years was a dark horse, market survey, kitchenware sales rose significantly more than the consumer electronics and apparel products. April 25-28th, the 20th session of the China (Shenzhen) International gifts, handicrafts, watches and household products exhibition held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, love, Homestead, Faust, deshilang, Tak Platinum stainless steel kitchen utensils and many other companies have brought their own brand of kitchen supplies.

    the fast pace of city life, portable kitchen supplies by more and more young consumers of all ages. Today, household portable appliances become the mainstream of business gifts, Conference gifts, organic foods, eco-friendly tableware became welfare and promotion gifts of choice. According to organiser haggled over Zhan Hua Bo introduces kitchen gift selection has the following characteristics:

    "kitchen early." Under the influence of improved quality of life and lifestyles in foreign countries, people have come to accept some kitchen parking to make breakfast popular small appliances, such as milk, coffee, breakfast bar, yogurt machines, toasters, bread machine, and so on. Convenient mode of operation, compact size, set fashion of breakfast to small appliances, are popular gift market.

    "cooking Automation". For the life long pursuit of efficiency of urban families, fast-cooking of microwave ovens, a flexible and convenient electric steamer, healthy convenient washing machines, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances the most popular. Now a lot of small household electrical appliances has developed a new booking feature, cooks just put ingredients, pressing a button you can sit back and enjoy the delicious. Future kitchen features such as automatic and one machine multipurpose line efficient, convenient, healthy, fully-automated kitchen supplies will have a larger space for development.

    "material diversity". Everyone loves a beautiful Cookware, so new material has been developed and applied to design and manufacture of pot. Current gift market stainless steel, ceramics, glass and other material of three kitchen gift evenly. Stainless steel kitchen utensils suitable for electric cooking stoves, durability, aesthetic luster ceramic kitchenware has been integrated into the Chinese elements, health and fashion. Under the influence of Western-style food, gradually increasing in recent years, the use of glass Cookware, market share is steadily increasing.

    "storage revolution." Stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, wood, glass, bright colors, character design, aesthetic and practical and wonderful combination in the kitchen, a wide range of spice jars, storage jars is having a kitchen revolution. Cookware, cutlery, small appliances to receive to receive to receive without delay. Exotic, well-designed storage products markets with great potential.

    "covers the fresh" from Korea lock wind continues, variety of shapes, materials, various grades of Tupperware in the gift market competition. Jade glass box, with the concept of environmental health people, recognized by the market. A United States the introduction of high-tech plastic wrap and replace the crisper, and different sizes, apply to any food fresh seal and can be reused.

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